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TPMS Industry Leaders Collaborate for Customer-Inspired Breakthrough

Last modified on 6/13/2013 12:59:11 AM
The customer-focused partnership between Schrader, a global leader in valve and sensing technology, and Bartec, the market leader in handheld tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) scan/programming tools, alleviates complexities and makes servicing TPMS-enabled vehicles that much easier for the aftermarket industry. With over 65 million TPMS-enabled vehicles already on the road, and more daily, the demand for scalable and easy-to-use TPMS repair solutions is at an all-time high. Created through the premier alliance of the two companies, Schrader’s EZ-sensorTM is a joint development success that delivered the first and only patented and programmable replacement sensor that functions across diverse car makes and models.

According to Bartec’s general manager, Scot Holloway, TPMS service and repair is a huge opportunity and unavoidable for today’s aftermarket facilities. Handheld tools, like those provided by Bartec, are essential for properly servicing Schrader’s TPMS replacement sensors. Bartec is pleased to continue to develop leading TPMS handheld tools in cooperation with Schrader’s sensors, which Holloway calls “the best in the industry.”

Alongside their customers, Schrader and Bartec have standardized the TPMS repair process so it has become a routine part of vehicle inspection – a straightforward and repeatable practice for technicians. As a result of the partnership and the products being produced, aftermarket service and repair facilities now are better equipped to service the ever-growing population of TPMS-equipped vehicles, a safety feature now embedded in all new vehicles that warns drivers of low-tire-pressure situations. This standardization focuses on replacement parts, service tools, proper repair procedures and technician training, as well as awareness of the inherent vehicle safety associated with TPMS.

According to Schrader, the focus of the partnership was on developing a superior technology that would provide comprehensive support for aftermarket technicians. Additionally, it needed to satisfy requests for ease of use, sensor programmability and lessening the inventory burden. The jointly designed EZ sensor fills all of these requirements. For more information on the importance of TPMS, please visit, or for more insight on Bartec, please visit
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