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A Groom’s Gift That Will Last a Lifetime

Last modified on 6/12/2013 11:42:01 PM
Weddings aren’t meant to be an enchanted experience for the bride only—it’s important to remind grooms that the wedding is about them, too. Groom gifts allow brides a chance to turn the focus on their husbands-to-be and truly commemorate one of life’s precious moments.

The Wedding Channel, a go-to source of wedding planning advice, declares that all bride and groom gifts must be personal and meaningful. No one can argue with that. There are several ways to show a beloved how special the day is for both of you, like exciting gifts for your home (that aren’t on the registry), or maybe something that’s just for him. If his jewelry collection needs a boost—or a starting point—a luxury watch can become an ageless family heirloom.

Online wedding authorities from the Wedding Legend to the Wedding Channel agree that a watch is the number-one gift for a groom. Event planner extraordinaire Preston Bailey just participated in a dream wedding TV special where three lucky couples won their fairy tale wedding atop the Empire State Building. All three grooms received engraved timepieces from Swiss watchmaker Baume & Mercier.

As Bailey knows all too well, a watch hits the personal and meaningful mark with precision—especially if you select a brand known for over a century of expert craftsmanship. Talk about rich history. That’s the kind of watch you want to give your fiance on your wedding day, a classic, luxury timepiece. Baume & Mercier — also the seventh oldest watch brand in the world—just introduced the new Clifton collection, inspired by the Golden 50s, the era known for a clean, elegant style that helped usher in a shift toward more sophisticated menswear.

There are a variety of ways to make this gift your own. First, find the quintessential watch that’s perfect for your future husband. Then, consider the following ways to honor your fiance and take your groom gift to the next level:

1.    With engraving the watch. Engravings offer a personal touch that elevates a gift from thoughtful to timeless. Whether it’s a special quote, part of your vows or the date of your wedding, engraving a watch creates a family heirloom. Take advantage of this at the Baume & Mercier E-Boutique—the online store offers free engravings with its watches.

2.    With a love note. Pause for a few moments to write a heartfelt love letter by hand to give alongside a Baume & Mercier Clifton watch—possibly something that can be framed or kept in a wedding scrapbook. Putting thoughts and affection on paper will remind your groom how much you love him. The splendid watch on his wrist won’t hurt either.

3.    With an inscribed journal or meaningful accessory. Inscribe a fitting journal that already looks like it belongs on your fiance’s desk, and tell him it’s for his unrealized goals—be they future business plans, travel destinations, poetry, screenplays or secret family recipes. Your husband will include that in the story he tells when he passes his watch on to your first-born.
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