Engineers Bring Hope to Developing Nations

Medical professionals, missionaries and other volunteer organizations work to bring emergency relief to natural disaster and poverty victims. But other career fields can provide aid as well. For example, engineers often build emergency shelters and design sustainable technology to provide assistance and hope throughout the ..

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Converting Farm Waste to Fuel Makes for “Greener” ..

Don’t let those fields of green confuse you – most farming isn’t environmentally friendly. From animal waste to pesticides and fertilizers to plastic ..

Green Jobs are Growing

A combination of legislation and activism is inspiring companies to consider the “green” side to their business.The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows ..

Hybrid Cars Get New, Racier Image

When most people think of hybrid vehicles, they imagine practical, mild-mannered vehicles. But could we soon see hybrid race cars burning up the ..

Federal Stimulus Review: Infrastructure Opportunities ..

Two years after Congress approved investing over $785 billion into a sputtering economy, Americans and businesses alike are re-emerging from the ..

Cool Roofs Take on Heated Cities

The summer heat has peaked, and blistering temperatures are especially noticeable on scorching city streets. Known as the “urban heat island effect,” ..

Investing in Your Future Health With American CryoStem

Do you wish you could preserve your younger, healthier stem cells to help heal you in case of tragic accidents, diseases or conditions later in life? ..

Working Adults Going Back to School

Excitement and opportunity abound as children and teenagers get ready to go back to school. But the enthusiasm—and pressure—of this season are also ..

Is Water Becoming the Next Oil?

Water is an essential natural resource – and it’s only becoming more valuable. Now, water is becoming the next hot investment opportunity.Despite 70 ..